It is interesting in my “Queer Studies” class how we talked about the meaning of class and how you a either considered to be rich or poor.  In class I meet people who are completely different from one another. But we are all here for the same reason wanting to succeed in life and honestly make more money for a living. In the College of Staten Island I’ve learned you get for what you pay for. Do not get me wrong its a nice college but when it comes to learning its tricky. The reason why is because lets say you need help in a subject like math for example you then find the tutoring lab (1P). Once you get there you’ll see a schedule that says we are only open for math from 1pm to 3pm. At first it doesn’t sound too bad but wait theres a catch! There is only one math tutor, and if there is a lot of students waiting with you you each have to share one person. Mind you that like 5-10 minutes each with long gaps and wait time to be helped again. Also lets say while you are trying to get help and came early while people are randomly coming in to get help you have to now run to class to the other side of the campus for your next class that starts at 3pm so you have to cut the tutoring even shorter cause that one day that you are on campus you have class right after. 

It’s interesting when you see how your campus is compare to a private school campus. Growing up I’ve always attended to a private school cause I’m used to a small family like school.”Prestigious schools actively cater to wealthy students and their families, who can pay for college prep courses, tutors, tuition, and alumni donations(Brim p.5).”Where the teachers going into detail for a lesson and help the students out like a 1 on 1 situation. Well I learned college is not the same sometimes you have professors who comes in late everyday then rush 3 lessons of Pre Calc on the board and expect you to get an amazing grade on the exam the next day. So if you’re like me you go to Khan Academy’s site and look up the lesson and teach yourself the whole meaning of Pre Calc.

This just shows that you are trying to succeed with the tools that you are given to succeed. In the “Poor queer Studies” text I thought I would be some what close to being middle class but after reading the text and listening in class I’m not close to it. Which is hard to bare with because even if you try so hard to get out the the social class everyones labeled in you will still have it define you.