During the second week of my Queer studies course, the topic being brought to discussion was the different kinds of “social classes.”  As we were put into groups, I met five new people who were all completely different then each other but I noticed we were all in this same classroom for all the same reasons. The quote that stood out the most to me in the essay “Poor Queer Studies” By Matthew Brim was “we need to look not just at who goes to college, but at who goes where to college.” The reason why this quote stood out to me the most is because when you tell someone you are a student at a college, people are impressed because college isn’t for everyone.  But I’ve noticed when i tell certain people where i go to college, they begin to look down on me. Is it because csi is considered “poor” or a “poor education” compared to private colleges? Should a student be judged as to where they’re attending a college to receive the same education as if i was attending another college ? CSI  isn’t my “dream college” but I learn something new in my classes everyday and it’s helping me achieve my goal in life which is to become a teacher.  “Low class” students shouldn’t be judged on where they are receiving an education because although we can’t afford a top school, that doesn’t stop us from trying to achieve better and nicer things in life.  Therefore, i am happy to say i am a student at the College of Staten Island!!