Have you ever went to class and thought, ‘this poor school is exactly where I belong’ or I better not receive the same or better education as someone in NYU’? Yea, me either, yet while reading, “Poor Queer Studies” by Professor Brim, I began thinking the counter of those thoughts must be what most people in rich universities sub consciously think of my self and my education. Upon our second week of Queer Studies, social class and its relationship with education was the main topic. It’s sad to think that even in the educational system of higher learning,  the saying, “you get what you pay for” becomes truth. Throughout the reading the most profound sentences to me was on page 8, “…the impulse to critique the academic production of knowledge reflects a high-class intellectual positioning. If privileged students critique queer studies at selective schools while poor and working-class students at unranked schools do not, privileged professors at elite schools surely oversee and help hone those elite/ist knowledge-making skills”(Brim). I know I was only supposed to pick one  but I couldn’t separate them. What made them significant to me was that it meant in other words, only those given the financial opportunity to receive high class education can critique the academic production of knowledge. Therefore the lack of educational critique by poor students justifies privileged professors to only refine the skills of rich students. So in line with their theory going to CSI I am in fact too poor to indulge or critique a higher learning course such as Queer Studies. Thank God I’m taking it.