Being born into a family with financial struggles is definitely hard.  It leads to a lack of opportunity for students all across the United States.  Students with the same qualifications grade wise but different financial status, do not have the same opportunity to get into a top Ivy League school.  The child of the richer family will almost always make it in over the child who’s living in poverty.  This is clearly a problem and changes to the system need to happen.  But even though sometimes the odds may be stacked against you, that doesn’t make it impossible to succeed.  It may feel like life is to hard and you may never get out of your current situation.  But the truth is anyone could find a way to make things work, but not everyone has the motivation to do so.  Life isn’t easy and expecting it to be isn’t going to help.  By saying this I’m not discrediting the fact that people of lower income families have it harder, because they do, and experiencing hardships firsthand, its understandable to feel like everything is just harder when living life check to check.  But that motivates me to get up everyday and work harder, so one day I could give my kid a better life.