The sentence that really hits an important note is with the origins of queer studies and its start at what are considered to be prestigious colleges. (AKA Ivy League schools)

This work of unsettling queer studies would be complemented by scholars’ efforts to rehistoricize queer theory’s beginnings in order to argue that the field was never exclusively a product of a privileged cadre of mostly white male scholars working at elite institutions.”

I find this statement to be particularly important in the context of queer studies not only because it shines a light on the idea that queer studies was, at one point, considered to be a study for the elite in its founding, but more importantly;  that people attempt to change the narrative and history behind the people who defined what queer studies were in the traditional academic sense.

What interests me most about this is i wonder how fundamentally different queer studies in universities is today compared to back when it was first introduced into many of these Ivy League schools.


(As an aside, i will unfortunately not be able to attend class today and apologize in advance)